Monday - 10/22/12 - Trying The Earlier Bus

Monday - 10/22/12

I'm so glad I stayed home last night.  It's nice to start out my early morning feeling rested!
I'm leaving the house just a few minutes late.  I could probably make it to my regular bus stop.  I decide not to chance it.  I like that I've drawn a line in the sand.  I know to go to the farther stop if I'm leaving even a couple minutes after 4:30.

On the bus, I'm sitting next to the lady from Disneyland.  We talk a little about weekends and Grandkids.  Then the conversation gets quiet and she dozes off.

I'm at Disneyland, waiting for the 43.  I hope it comes soon.  I had to stand up and move away because there's someone smoking.  He's a little away from the seats.  I'm sure he thinks he's moved away to keep from smoking on people, but he's upwind.  There's another person smoking farther away, still upwind.  There's no where to go where you can't smell the smoke.  There's the bus!  Yay!  It's the earlier one too.  I'll be to the Yoga Center early!

I'm at the next stop, waiting for the 55.  Now that it's dark in the mornings I've stopped going to the bus stop I'd adopted.  I don't like this stop nearly as much, but there are always people here.  In the dark I think that's a good thing.  With the dark I can't see as well to pick trash anyway, and I'm more worried about the bus not seeing me.  I don't want to abandon that stop though.  I'm trying to figure out what to do for the future.

It's almost time to go home!  It's been a frustrating day of trying to rent apartments and having the people who came to view them not want to rent "right now."  I know the units will rent to the right people at the right time.  With the busy week I have ahead and the fact that I've got two more units coming open soon, I'd rather it be now!

I'm calling OCTA.  I want to find out if the bus that never seems to come actually exists.  The lady on the phone says it not only exists, but that it's running on time so far.  OK.  I'll make one more try at taking it.  I need to get home on time tonight.  I'm signing a lease there at 9:30pm.  That was the only time we could work out when everyone could be there.

There's the bus!  It's only a few minutes late!  I should get home on time with no problems!  Yay!

I spoke too soon.  Two people in wheelchairs got on at a later stop, as well as one person not having change and several people futzing with their dollar bills.  We should be at Disneyland by now and we're not even in Anaheim yet.  I could still miss the 460!  How funny is that?!

We're at Disneyland.  It's 7:13.  The 460 leaves from across the street at 7:14.  Wow.  That's just frustrating.  I have no idea how late we are, but the bus that was scheduled to show up at my original stop 20 minutes after this one was scheduled to arrive here 8 minutes ago.  That's why I was sure I'd be able to make it taking this bus.  We have to be something like 40 minutes late.  The good thing is that I know about the far stop.  With my scooter I'm sure I can make there before the bus, but I'm not taking any chances.  I'm going as fast as I can.

Home on time!  Yay!  Now to get everything ready for the lease signing!

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